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Welcome to the Colorado Springs DUI Law Center, where we provide free information to those arrested for driving under the influence in Colorado. We provide a free review of your case by premier Colorado lawyer who has handled thousands of DUI, DWAI, and DUID arrests.  Call today – (719) 636-9250.

Attention:  Your attorney has ONLY Seven (7) CALENDAR DAYS after your DUI arrest to contact Colorado Springs DMV Licensing Operations Division for a DMV hearing to avoid the automatic suspension of your driving privileges.

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Vital information to know if charged with Driving While Intoxicated or Driving While Ability Impaired in Colorado:

The Colorado division of law enforcement defines drunk driving offenses as either:

1.)  Driving Under the Influence (DUI), meaning .08% or higher BAC (Blood Alcohol Content).

2.)  Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), meaning .05% BAC or higher (but less than .08% BAC).

Frequently Asked Questions After A DUI Arrest in Colorado:

Is it a requirement to hire a Colorado Springs DUI lawyer specialized in DUI/DMV defense?

Hiring a newly licensed attorney is simply not a logical option if charged with a DUI or DWAI in Colorado – the penalties if you are convicted due to an inexperienced lawyer are simply not worth the risk.

How expensive will it be to hire a Colorado DUI attorney to save my license?

DUI defense fees vary by severity of charge, if you have had prior driving while intoxicated charges, and if anyone was injured in the event.  Contact us for a free initial case review where you will be provided an accurate and reliable fee for defense of your criminal drunk/impaired driving charge.

How can an expert in Colorado’s Drunk Driving legal system help with your situation?

It is the duty of any counsel that you may hire to investigate, interview, collect and examine the validity of all evidence the prosecution will use against you to determine the facts of the case; then proceed to execute the appropriate challenges and defense against your charges. An attorney who is an expert in DUI laws in Colorado 2015 – 2016.

• How to choose the most effective local DUI Defense Lawyer for my case?

At a minimum, you should contact and meet in person with several local attorneys that specialize in dwai cases before you determine which firm should handle the defense of your case.  Colorado Springs recent arrests for DUI have spiked. It is important that you feel completely comfortable with the lawyer you select and that his or her experience is up to the challenge in defending your case.

• Should I bring my DUI  police report to my case review?

Yes, if you already have a copy of your police report please bring that in with you during your free initial consultation.

We would make the argument that you should consider Mike Moran to defend any case that could possibly put your liberty or license in jeopardy because the charge of driving under the influence or while ability impaired is such a serious criminal offense in Colorado.  The seriousness of these driving related charges are reflected in the dire financial consequences and possible jail time if you are convicted.  For example, first-time misdemeanor offenders can face up to one (1) year in jail for a DUI conviction or up to six (6) months in jail for a DWAI conviction.

Therefore, we strongly advise you do not attempt to defend yourself or trust your fate to an overwhelmed and inexperienced public defender.  Colorado’s “Express Consent” provision puts the pressure on the defendant to quickly locate an experienced and effective legal advocate to defend your right to operate a vehicle in the state withing only seven days following your arrest.  If you don’t take immediate action, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended.  And keep in mind that you may choose to have your arrest challenged by a public defender, but you must first meet the indigence requirements of attesting under oath that you have no liquid or property assets, etc. In addition, public defenders do not represent you in any Colorado DMV hearings, only court proceedings.

Due to these compressed time constraints, we advise you immediately check with as many highly experienced attorneys as you can well before your DMV hearing date.  In most all cases, the Colorado DMV will not reschedule a mandatory court appearance if there is a scheduling conflict on the court calendar.  It is in your favor and to your advantage to have your lawyer contact the local DMV office directly and schedule and calendar date and time which best serves your interests to protect your driving privileges during this ordeal.

In this state, finding a low-cost attorney is easy. But if your liberty and driving privilege’s are at stake, it makes perfect sense to contact a realistically priced and locally-renowned DUI expert who many feel is the best DUI attorney in Colorado.  A DUI lawyer that will utilize all of his experience, knowledge, and personal relationships to protect your rights in Court and retain your privilege to drive in Colorado.

If you or someone you know have been arrested in Colorado for drunk or ability impaired driving, you should at least schedule a free consultation with the most experienced dui attorney in the area to evaluate Mike Moran’s ability, experience, and most of all , effectiveness in defending his clients against drunk driving criminal charges that could result in your loss of liberty and driving privilege’s firsthand make him the first choice in DUI lawyers Colorado.

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