Colorado Springs DUI / DWAI Penalties

Colorado Springs DUI Penalties

Possible Colorado Springs DUI penalties will vary due to many separate factors.  For prior convictions for DUI or driving under the influence on the record, it is much more likely that you could be sentenced to actual jail or prison time to your current DUI arrest and conviction.  That is why it is so important to have professional representation on an expert DUI Attorney in Colorado Springs.

The many factors that may determine your sentencing on a Colorado DUI charge include:

The percentage of alcohol in your blood at time of arrest
If an accident or bodily injury was involved, where you at fault
Was someone hurt or injured by your actions and behavior
Where your driving or actions considered reckless
Any intuitive on your part to confront your drug or alcohol issues
Have you shown any actual remorse and personal accountability

If this is an initial DUI arrest, is is not likely you would be sentenced to jail time unless there are other factors involved that would elevated the offense in the eyes of the court such as injury someone while driving under the influence or recording a higher than average BAC reading when arrested.

If you have been charged in Colorado with a DUI / DWAI offense, here are the most common penalties for an initial DUI arrest or a subsequent DUI / DWAI charge in Colorado:

And note that your prison sentence may be greater than a year in jail if arrested and convicted of additional charges along with your DUI.  In Colorado, the sentences for each separate offense can and most likely will be added together so that they run consecutively.

If convicted on a DUI / DWAI charge in Colorado Springs, a judge will dictate how long you serve in jail for your sentence, the amount of community service that will be required, and the length of probation that you will be adhered to. Also to be determined the judge will be the length of drug or alcohol counseling you must perform prior to your release.

Add to these burdens the money paid in court cost, additional fees to “register as a criminal” and any probation costs (yes, you must pay to be on probation in Colorado).  You will quickly understand the urgent need for experienced and effective professional representation of a premier Colorado Springs DUI Lawyer if you face this serious charge in Colorado.

In DUI cases considered to be relatively minor (no one was injured, your BAC was not significantly higher than state limit) many Colorado Springs judges may permit you to serve you jail sentence on what’s referred to as “in-home detention”.  You will be monitored electronically via an ankle bracelet to record your adherence to yours sentence.  This option usually is available only to first-time offenders.  If this current DUI issue is not your first, your chance of being sentenced under this arrangement decreases exponentially.

A work release option is another available sentencing option for your judge if convicted of DUI in Colorado Springs.  This sentencing option would allow you to work at your normal activities during daytime, but at nightfall you would return to prison.  Often is you judge selects this sentencing option the entire length of your sentence will be extended as a means of compensating for the relative leniency that this possible sentencing option holds.