Out Of State Driver Charged With DUI In Colorado

A driver with out of state license can still protect their driving privileges after a Colorado Springs DUI arrest with the assistance of an expert DUI attorney, even with a license issued by a state other than Colorado.

At issue here is what referred to as the “Interstate Compact”, which is an agreement and shared participation amongst the many states in the U.S. that have pledged to cooperate and share driving information with each other. The Interstate Compact will include any Colorado Springs DUI conviction or license suspension within the reciprocating states participating in this shared agreement.

What this means is that if you possess an out of state license and are arrested and convicted of a DUI offense in Colorado, it is highly likely that your home state DMV will be notified of this conviction. So a Colorado DUI conviction may very well follow you back to your home state. So if your home state is one that participates in the Interstate Compact, it is almost certain that your home state will take measures much like Colorado would and suspend your license and driving privileges automatically in your home state.

So if you are licensed to drive in another state, a DMV suspension or DUI conviction in Colorado Springs that specializes in such difficult issues.

You simply must consult with an expert DUI lawyer in Colorado immediately following your arrest. If you fail to take this simple step, your DUI/DWAI conviction may reach far beyond the state of Colorado.
You must seek out a highly experienced and successful Colorado DUI Defense Attorney that specializes in keeping a Colorado DUI from following you back to your home state.

Obviously, operating any motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a criminal offense in every jurisdiction within the United States. The actual definition of drunk driving is the personal the act of driving (operating) a motor vehicle while you are on the mental or physical influence of alcohol or drug in a manner by which your ability to properly operate the vehicle is impaired mentally and or physically,

The specific criminal offense is typically referred to as DUI – that is an acronym for “driving under the influence of alcohol”. You may also be charged in Colorado for DWAI – which means that although your were not intoxicated to the point that a DUI charge would be in order, at the time of your were arrested and tested your ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired to the point that a criminal charge of DWAI is warranted.

The measure that differentiates DUI from DWAI in every state in the United States is the percentage of alcohols in your bloodstream at the time of your arrest. A typical criminal charge of driving “under the influence” (DUI) is defined as a person’s percentage of alcohol content (BAC) is .08% or higher (a metric measure meaning “units of milligrams per deciliter, representing 8 g of alcohol found within in 10 liters of blood”). In Colorado, that .08% threshold is not absolute to avoid a criminal arrest. You can be charged in Colorado Springs with a slightly lesser offense called DWAI. What this means that your BAC was over .05% at the time of testing, but was lower than the necessary .08% required to support the elevated charge of DUI in Colorado.

Only an experienced and highly effective DUI Lawyer can give you the precise guidance you need to keep a DUI or DWAI charge off your permanent criminal records. And in Colorado, military personnel are not exempt from these standards and charges.